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SPX Showcases Its Antennas at IBC2011

AMSTERDAM—SPX Communication Technology will be exhibiting its low-, mid- and high-power broadband antennas at IBC2011. The patented TFU-UT bowtie slot turnstile antenna is a low-power and economical broadband UHF omnidirectional antenna featuring a simple feed system and aluminum construction with protective radome. Its lighter-weight, cross-bowtie configuration combines structural integrity with a low-windload design, eliminating the need for an internal mast and associated hardware. The TFU-UT features dual inputs for single or multichannel broadcasting without the need for a combiner. The antenna offers a power rating of 1 kW into a 7–16 DIN input and 500 W into a type N input. The horizontally polarized TFU-UT offers a bandwidth of 470–860 MHz and a gain of 5 dBd.

The DCR-M FM antenna series is optimized for use in high-power broadband applications. The antenna’s wide bandwidth and high-power input capabilities support multistation broadcasting. With circular polarization, a single-bay power rating of 18 kW and the ability to stack arrays of up to 16 bays, the DCR-M provides an input rating of up to 40 kW. Its stainless steel construction, low ice sensitivity, and optional integrated de-icer make it compatible with harsh environmental conditions. Each DCR-M is supplied with a fine matcher for field optimization. In addition, a custom feed design allows for reduced downward radiation via shorter spacing in a series-fed configuration. Beam tilt and null fill options are available.

With an impedance of 50 Ohm, wide bandwidth of 470–860 MHz and 1 kW power rating per panel, the company’s TUA-M mid-power antenna supports single and multiplexed stations. The TUA-M offers customized beam tilt and null fill for multipanel arrays and excellent horizontal pattern control. The antenna features a rugged design and is constructed to operate in severe environments subject to high winds and heavy ice loading. The TUA-M offers an individual panel radome, an aluminum backscreen and radiating element as well as 7–16 DIN input. The antenna is DC grounded for lightning protection.