Sprint Nextel to answer BAS relocation questions at NAB2006

Sprint Nextel will be on hand at NAB2006 to answer broadcasters’ questions about the ongoing 2GHZ BAS relocation project that is more than a year into its commission-mandated 31.5-month completion window.

Sprint Nextel will also be presenting at various panels during NAB2006, and staff members of the 2GHz relocation team will be available for individual meetings with BAS licensees.

Sprint Nextel is funding the relocation of the 2GHz BAS band from its current bandwidth of 1990MHz–2110MHz to 2025MHz–2110MHz as part of the FCC's 800MHz Report and Order. The relocation will enable Sprint Nextel to move some of its services into the 2GHz band and eliminate interference in the 800MHz band, which is used heavily by public safety organizations.

See Sprint Nextel at NAB2006 in booth C11035, or visit www.2GHzRelocation.com.

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