SoundView Broadcasting Installs PlayBox Neo System

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.—Global broadcast service provider SoundView Broadcasting recently acquired a PlayBox Neo multichannel playout system to work in its New York City headquarters.

PlayBox Neo Multi-Backup Manager is designed for backing up multiple playout channels simultaneously, enabling the user to choose the number of backup systems. MBM monitors user-defined lists with Neo-19 channel-in-a-box master and slave applications, where a slave application will automatically replace the master if it does not respond in two seconds or more.

“We have provided three of our full-size 3U servers for this project,” said Van Duke, PlayBox Neo U.S. director of operations. “Each is configured with AirBox Neo-19 playout software and TitleBox Neo-19 channel branding software. Servers 1 and 2 include ANSI/SCTE 35 insertion cue messaging. Servers 2 and 3 are additionally loaded with PlayBox Neo Multi-Backup Manager. Server 3 has been installed in an offsite disaster recovery facility.”

SoundView Broadcasting’s Director of Operations Sarmad Zafar described the new installation as operator-friendly and that it provides the necessary information from ingest to transmission.