Sound Devices introduces eight-channel portable recorder

Sound Devices marked its 10th appearance at NAB by introducing the 788T, an eight-channel digital audio recorder aimed squarely at the field production market. Designed specifically for multitrack location work, the 788T offers eight full-featured microphone inputs and eight tracks of recording with a thoroughly revised digital architecture for exceptional flexibility.

In the tradition of the 7-Series line, the Sound Devices 788T is compact with a stainless steel and aluminum chassis weighing less than 4lbs and is roughly the size of a hard-cover novel. The 788T accommodates individual controls and connectors for each of its eight inputs, plus numerous additional I/O and data connections.

To accommodate the larger data storage requirements of multitrack recordings, the 788T comes with a 160GB internal SATA hard disk drive, providing up to 30 hours of eight-track, uncompressed 24-bit audio recording of industry-standard Broadcast Wave (BWF) files. Additionally, CompactFlash cards with UDMA support and external FireWire mass storage volumes can be used for recording and playback for redundancy and flexibility.

Transitioning from the field to the studio is easy. To transfer recorded audio, the 788T features high-speed access to both the internal hard drive and connected CompactFlash medium. For fast, accurate setups in the field, each of the eight input controls is surrounded by a tricolor circular LED, making level adjustments simple in fast run-and-gun environments. The 788T’s input control toggle allows for quick access to common settings such as input type, limiter engagement, high-pass filter activation and phantom powering. Its LCD display is viewable in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight. Additionally, the LEDs are dimmer-adjustable for any lighting condition, including a lights-out setting for blacked-out sets.

Like its sister models, the 702T and 744T recorders, the 788T has a high-performance, full-featured time code generator. It is equipped with selectable word clock sync source, including numerous video sync sources. The 788T is powered by 7.2 V Li-ion camera batteries or external DC (10V-18V) and offers an onboard Li-ion battery charger.

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