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Sound Devices introduces CL-8 Controller at IBC2008

At IBC2008, Sound Devices introduced the CL-8 controller for its 788T Digital Recorder. The CL-8 is a mixing control surface that provides additional capabilities to the 788T without a significant increase in weight, making it adaptable to a variety of field productions.

The CL-8 features eight large rotary faders to control the eight inputs of the 788T and offers command of the high-pass filter, limiter, polarity and mute. When used with the CL-8, the original 788T input controls function as input trims, with the CL-8 handling fader control. The CL-8 also manages the 788T’s built-in slate mic, ensuring clear and accurate track marking, and allows quick input assignment to the main left and right record tracks. With a push of the input knob, users can solo an input in headphones.

With the CL-8, users now have access to two additional recording tracks (Aux 1 and Aux 2) through the CL-8 firmware, for a total of 10 record tracks. These new tracks can be used to provide auxiliary sends for more comprehensive setups. Inputs can be assigned to aux tracks pre- or post-fader, with LEDs to indicate when signals are present. The CL-8 can also be connected to a keyboard through the controller’s USB keyboard pass-through port.

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