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Sound Devices Chases Tornadoes

NEW YORK: Sound Devices' 302 portable field mixer was on hand to capture all of the intense storm audio when The Weather Channel's "Tornado Hunt 2012" kicked off its fourth year.

Returning for another season, lead meteorologist Mike Bettes and a team of storm chasers once again embarked on a journey to capture tornadoes live on air as well as online. Tornado Hunt 2012 provides a live multi-platform experience that submerges viewers into the heart of Tornado Alley.

Sound Devices' 302 was used in Bettes' vehicle, aka "The Bettes Mobile," to handle on-air audio for the live broadcasts originating from inside it. In addition, The Bettes Mobile was equipped with four vehicle-mounted HD cameras.

"Building a broadcast vehicle like The Bettes Mobile required reliable, robust and trusted gear," says Kevin Parrish, senior RF engineer of NBC Network News field and satellite operations. "Due to the nature of this assignment, it's not possible to provide field maintenance; everything needs to work correctly from day one. Equipment selection is key and that's why we selected the gear we did."

"Since Sound Devices mixers are pretty much a mainstay for our field audio production needs, they provide a 'standard platform' that most of our staff are well accustomed and completely familiar with their operation," adds Parish. ~ from Pro Sound News