Sorenson Media teams with Kulabyte for Squeeze Live

Compression and streaming media specialists Sorenson Media has joined with Kulabyte, a provider of live HD video streaming technology, to add a new cloud encoding software platform called Squeeze Live to its Squeeze encoding product line. Currently in beta, the new solution facilitates high-volume, live video encoding for distribution to any mobile device or computer.

Squeeze Live streamlines and optimizes the process of encoding video for online delivery for live events, including sporting events and breaking news. It also provides the ability to connect VOD encoding of live streams, ensuring complete event coverage within a single cloud platform.

The companies said that the cloud-based, collaborative architecture leverages adaptive bit rate streaming to deliver content to multiple consumer devices at multiple bit rates. This method, they said, provides a high-quality, reliable, consistent stream, even for challenging bandwidth environments.

Squeeze Live uses Kulabyte’s XStream Live technology to provide high-quality, live HD H.264 Flash video and streaming HTTP video, based on Kulabyte’s Hyperstream live cloud encoding technology.

Preparing multiple renditions previously required additional on-site encoding hardware, bandwidth and infrastructure. Squeeze Live eliminates this wasteful per-event overspending and logistical problem, in favor of a flexible, modular and comprehensive high-quality live streaming platform.

The Squeeze Live solution first passes through a live video stream front end encoder onsite. The encoded stream is then sent to the cloud for encoding in real time into multiple formats and bit rates, optimized for playback on TV, desktop or laptop computers, or on a broad range of mobile devices, including Blackberry, iPads, iPhones, Android and others. In the final step of this real-time process, multiple renditions of each video profile are delivered to the content delivery network of choice for streaming.