Sony offers new dual-layer XDCAM disc

Sony has unveiled a new dual-layer version of the XDCAM Professional Disc media that more than doubles the storage capacity and recording capabilities of the original single-layer optical media.

The new dual-layer disc, model PFD50DLA, has a total storage capacity of 50GB. Professional users can record up to four hours and 30 minutes of HD content on the dual-layer disc when shooting in MPEG HD 4:2:0 mode at 18Mb/s, or three hours and 20 minutes at 25Mb/s, and two hours and 30 minutes at 35Mb/s. In DVCAM mode, users can record about three hours and 10 minutes of content onto the new disc.

The PFD50DLA media is for use with the new XDCAM HD products, scheduled to be available in September, including the PDW-F355L camcorder, PDW-F75 deck and PDW-U1 drive unit.

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