Sony Demos New Gear at Infocomm

Sony's new lines of products showing at Infocomm are a mix of remote monitoring applications, displays, projectors and other digital storage and signage gear.

The BZNW-5000 Series Monitoring and Management Station (MMStation) and BZNW-1000 Series Interactive Status Reporting (ISR) Proxy remote monitoring and maintenance software applications target independent installations through large-scale facilities. The MMStation, which comes in two models, can support up to 32 or 256 devices on one network and the application categorizes information and notifications according to severity. The ISR Proxy software also comes in two feature sets, supporting up to 16 or 64 devices on a single network.

Sony also introduced a 42-inch widescreen display featuring WVGA resolution and anti-reflective panel protection for high-contrast image display. The PFM-42V1 PlasmaPro monitor can display SD and HD formats as well as computer displays up to UXGA resolution. The unit, which is expected to be available late this summer, can be mounted horizontally, fixed on an optional stand or to a wall or hung from the ceiling.

Three new models of the SuperLite microportable projector series are on display. The VPL-EX1 SuperLite projector, which includes new features like 1500 ANSI lumen and entry-level XGA display, reproduces the XGA resolution of laptops. The VPL-CS6 SuperLite projector features 1800 ANSI lumen SVGA. The VPL-CX6 SuperLite projector, featuring a Memory Stick media card port for PC-less presentations and 2000 ANSI lumen, will ship in August. All three models feature 0.7-inch TFT LCD panels with 165 watt UHP lamp for high brightness image display.

In the projector field, Sony also added the VPL-PX35 SuperSmart projector, a 2600 ANSI lumen projector featuring IP for remote monitoring via the Ethernet and RS-232C control, to its line. The LCD projector has a 265-watt UHP lamp, a contrast ratio of 500:1 and uses .99-inch LCD panels. The system accepts three analog RGB inputs and one DVI-D input as well as two 15-pin HD connectors and a five BNC input.

With the introduction of the BZNP-100 Version 2.0 server software for its NSP-100 Network Storage Player, Sony offers control of up to 100 NSP-100s' on a centralized system using FTP Push mode or almost any number using Pull mode. Other features of the IP-network application, which serves as a "store and forward" system for audio, video, text and graphics files, include the use of multiple fonts for text content and network delivered upgrading of NSP's firmware.

Lastly, Sony is showcasing a digital content distribution system (DCDS) for large-scale creation, management and distribution of digital signage presentations. DCDS targets on-demand corporate training and employee communication and manages/sends digital content along the distribution chain from the ingest of media files to scheduled content playout.