Sony Debuts Venice 36x24mm Digital Camera

LOS ANGELES—Sony unveiled to the world what it says is its first full-frame digital motion picture camera system, the Venice. This next generation CineAlta camera features immersive, large-format, full frame capture of filmic imagery to produce natural skin tones, highlight handling and wide dynamic range.

Venice’s full frame allows for compatibility with a range of lenses, including anamorphic, super 35mm, spherical and full frame PL mount lenses. The lens mount can be changed to support E-mount lenses, and user selectable areas of the image sensor allow shooting in super 35mm 4-perf. Sony plans future firmware upgrades that will enable the camera to handle 36mm wide 6K resolution.

The camera features a new color management system with an ultra wide color gamut. There are also more than 15 stops of latitude to handle different lighting situations.

File-based production is achieved through Sony’s 16-bit RAW/X-OCN via the AXS-R7 recorder and 10-bit XAVC workflows. Venice is also compatible with current and upcoming hardware accessories for CineAlta cameras.

The Venice has a built-in eight-stage glass ND filter system and features an intuitive control panel on the assistant and operator sides of the camera. A 24V power supply input/output and LEMO connector allows for the use of standard camera accessories.

Sony is offering optional licenses for the Venice in permanent, monthly and weekly durations to expand the camera’s capabilities with new features, including 4K anamorphic and full frame.

Sony will release the Venice camera in February 2018.