Sony Creative Software announces Sound Forge Pro 10

Sony Creative Software has made available the Sound Forge Pro 10 digital audio production suite. New features include event-based editing, disc-at-once CD burning, iZotope 64-bit sample rate conversion, MBIT+ dither (bit-depth conversion), musical instrument file processing and the élastique Pro Timestretch/pitch shift plug-in. Additional enhancements include customizable window layouts, metadata editing, performance optimizations and interactive tutorials, combining to create an all-in-one production suite for Windows-based systems.

Event-based editing allows precise audio mastering, assembly and layout of tracks for authoring disc-at-once CDs. In Sound Forge 10, users can quickly move, split, slip and trim events, create fades and apply ASR envelopes and crossfades within in a single data window. The integrated disc-at-once CD burning feature results in a more efficient workflow when generating Red Book-compliant premasters of music suitable for professional replication. This feature enables full PQ code editing, creation of live-style CDs, addition of CD text and metadata and precise conversion to Red Book audio.

The Zplane élastique Pro Timestretch DirectX plug-in allows users to monitor and adjust settings while previewing in real-time, and then select from various stretching methods tailored to their source audio. The iZotope 64-bit SRC uses a hybrid low-pass filter design for pristine audio with less aliasing in converting material from one sampling rate to another. The iZotope MBIT+ dither employs psychoacoustic methods to distribute noise into less audible ranges, resulting in improved audio and smoother fades when converting the bit rates of audio files.

Sound Forge Pro 10 software provides customizable window layouts to allow users to create and save multiple unique interface layout configurations for single- and dual-monitor systems and recall a window layout for specific editing tasks such as audio editing, CD layout and multichannel file editing. The system also includes a Mastering Effects Bundle 2 powered by iZotope that includes six professional mastering and production plug-ins.