Snell routers at the core of Christian Broadcasting Network’s digital infrastructure

Snell has announced that the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) has purchased a second Snell Sirius router to drive the network’s digital broadcasting infrastructure.

The new router, which handles up to 256 x 256 AES audio signals, joins a Sirius system for video routing which has anchored CBN operations since the network’s transition to digital broadcasting in 2005. The Christian Broadcasting Network is a nonprofit organization that provides programming by cable, broadcast and satellite to approximately 200 countries.

The CBN’s original Sirius router is currently switching 192 x 192 video inputs and outputs. The new system will switch 192 x 192 AES audio signals, as well as a 64 x 64 time code matrix. A key component of the routing operation is the company’s MCM system, which provides control over both routers and the ability to automatically reroute signals to a redundant path in the event of a crosspoint failure.