SkitterTV selects Amino OTT-enhanced IPTV set-top boxes

SkitterTV has awarded a contract to Amino Communications for the company’s latest OTT-enhanced Aminet IPTV set-top boxes.

A hybrid IPTV/OTT video platform, SkitterTV enables telecom service providers to encode, configure, deliver and monetize streaming media services by combining live TV, audio, Web video and personal media assets in one converged entertainment environment.

The Atlanta-based company selected Amino devices because of their ability to deliver both traditional IPTV services and a new layer of content delivered over the open Internet.

The Aminet a140 — and a540 with DVR — use HTTP live streaming (HLS) and HTML5 to help deliver this new entertainment experience. HLS is an adaptive streaming technology that works by selecting optimum network speeds over open and unmanaged networks to ensure a continuous high-quality television service. It also can enhance content choice by delivering video-on-demand and live TV from aggregated and cloud-based services.