Sinclair Broadcast Group Selects Cartoni for Studio Operations

NORTH HOLLYWOOD—Sinclair Broadcast Group is relying on camera stabilization technology from Cartoni as part of an ongoing program to modernize production facilities at stations in its group.

A number of television stations recently acquired by Sinclair are older broadcast operations whose production facilities were based on outdated standard-definition or analog video technologies. Those facilities are being upgraded with new state-of-the-art HD control rooms, cameras systems and support gear, including lightweight, portable Cartoni P 050 camera pedestals.

Sinclair uses the Cartoni P 050 in tandem with Panasonic and JVC HD studio cameras, Telemetrics robotic heads and Tekskil prompters in its new studio operations. It began using this combination a little over four years ago and now has more than 50 Cartoni pedestals deployed nationwide. The company plans to upgrade five or six additional stations with HD production technology and Cartoni pedestals this year. Its most recent studio upgrade at Oklahoma station KOKH features five Cartoni pedestals.