Sinclair Boosts Quality Assurance With Triveni

PRINCETON, N.J.—Sinclair Broadcast Group has chosen to go with Triveni Digital as a supplier for its service quality assurance operations with an eye toward being compatible with both ATSC 1.0 and ATSC 3.0 standards so as to be future-proof.

StreamScope XM Verifier

StreamScope XM Verifier

Specifically, Sinclair purchased 30 StreamScope XM MT ATSC 1.0 Analyzer and ATSC 3.0 combo units, as well as 10 StreamScope XM Verifier software applications.

The StreamScope XM MT Analyzers will allow Sinclair to perform RF measurements, such as modulation performance analysis, error vector magnitude, pre- and post-FEC bit error detection, frequency shift and sample rate offset. With the StreamScope Verifier, Sinclair can receive, verify and record ATSC 3.0 broadcast streams via ROUTE, MMTP or SLTP protocols. The StreamScope Verifier works as an app on Windows-compatible devices.

“Our ATSC 3.0 broadcast analysis and verification tools provide Sinclair with improved service visibility and portability, enabling its stations to quickly detect, isolate and resolve issues with the complex new broadcast technology,” said Mark Simpson, president and CEO of Triveni Digital. “Just as important, our combo systems help maintain quality across both generations of the ATSC standard.”

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