Shure Now Shipping Microflex Mics

NILES, ILL.—Shure is offering customers audio coverage from the table to the ceiling, as its latest line of networked digital microphones, the Microflex Advance Ceiling (MXA910) and Table (MXA310) are now available for shipping. In addition to being ceiling and table array mics, the MXA910 and MXA310 also provide audio interfaces, control software for A/V conferencing, and an evolution of Shure’s IntelliMix Digital Signal Processing Suite.

Microflex MXA310

Using Shure proprietary Steerable Coverage technology, the MXA910 captures audio from above the meeting space with up to eight lobes configurable in three dimensions. The mic can be flush-mounted to standard ceiling tile grid or below the ceiling with standard VESA-D and wire hanging mounts.

The MXA310 also uses the Steerable Coverage technology to deploy four discrete audio channels around a table. It can also use a ring-shaped pattern to reject unwanted artifacts from overhead. In addition, the mic features a programmable mute switches and the ability to customize LED color and shape to indicate microphone status.

All Microflex Advance hardware feature built-in control software and can integrate with third party controllers. The Microflex Advance microphones also use the Dante Audio Networking protocol, with all control, audio and power signals carried through a single Ethernet cable connection.

Shure has also announced that it is shipping its four Shure Audio Network Interfaces (ANI4IN and ANI4OUT) for audio routing in an out of the Dante network. The interfaces are available in standard XLR and block connector versions, and include an Ethernet port for Dante Audio routing and a browser-based software for control of connectivity and monitoring.