Shotoku Unveils Orbit Function for SmartPed Robotic Pedestal

Shotoku Orbit mode
(Image credit: Shotoku)

SUNBURY-ON-THAMES, U.K.—Shotoku’s SmartPed robotic XY pedestal is adding a new trick to its arsenal, the Orbit functionality that will allow it to travel in clockwise and counterclockwise movements around a circular set.

Users can select the Orbit function on Shotoku’s TR-XT Control Panel, which will translate the usual X-axis movement into a perfect arc around an orbital center point, Shotoku says. The operator can move the pedestal clockwise or counterclockwise without having to manually drive the pedestal base in an arc.

Orbit is complementary to SmartPed’s Sequence mode, which allows operators to complete complex curve motions by moving through a series of key frames.

Orbit will be a standard feature on Shotoku’s TR-XT Control Panel, per James Eddershaw, Shotoku managing director.

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