Shotoku Introduces New Control System for Legacy Robotics

Shotoku Broadcast Systems has introduced the CMC-400 camera motion control series that replaces old electronics and breaths new life into pan-and-tilt units.

The CMC unit contains the drive electronics for the pan-and-tilt heads, height drive and lens functions. The CMC-400 series is built on the same platform as all of the Shotoku range, and uses PC104 cards. The series can either be mounted directly to the side of the head using the same mountings as the existing head control unit, or may be wall mounted using the brackets supplied. It features the same network and RS422 control connections as the rest of the range and includes the new RNI (resilient network interface) option.

A variety of power options are available including standalone PDUs rackmount and dual rackmount versions. Connections between the PDU and CMC-400 series can be up to 164 feet and use new Shotoku cables. Direct connection to other manufacturers pan and tilt heads is achieved via Ethernet or RS-422 connections.

Shotoku, an international manufacturer of camera support products maintains headquarters in Japan and has offices in Staines, U.K. and Torrance, Calif.