Shotoku Adds New 16-Cam Controllers

To handle all the video demands of even a large legislative chamber, Shotoku Broadcast Systems introduced two new robotic control systems at NAB 2009 that provide broadcasters the ability to take control of expansion costs and upgrade schedules—as well as control of up to 16 cameras.

Shotuku TR-T dual-joystick touch control system

The TR-T system is the company’s latest touch-control panel capable of controlling both Shotoku and third-party robotic cameras systems. The TR-T panel style uses multicolored illuminated keys to communicate system status and control settings, with a high-precision joystick for smooth control.

TR-T is part of the Shotoku’s Phoenix control solution, allowing existing robotics users to choose their own upgrade pace by replacing obsolete control system hardware and software with up-to-date technology while leaving the core electro-mechanical subsystems.

Shotoku also showed its TR-S high-capacity flexible remote control panel, which also expands to support up to 16 camera channels. It uses the same features and interface as the company’s standard TR-8 but includes state-of-the-art panel keys, LED illumination displays and a high contrast LCD that indicates the current status of all cameras in the system. New setup facilities enable key features and performance characteristics to be modified from the control panel itself.

The TR-S also automatically recalls settings (such as camera selection and PTZ position) so it can return quickly to specific lawmakers with a touch of a button. The Orchestra camera management system provides a higher level of automation, including integration with third-party devices such as mics to activate setting recalls.

Both the TR-T and the Type-S panel integrate with all Shotoku remote pan and tilt heads.

Shotoku also showed the latest upgrades to its line of robotic pedestal and pat/tilt heads and manual camera support heads.