Sharp Unveils New 8K UHD LCD Display

MONTVALE, N.J.—Sharp is releasing the second generation of its 8K displays with the newly launched 8M-B80AX1U 80-inch UHD LCD model. Sharp says that its 8K UHD technology can reproduce hard to see details on the new display.

The 8M-B80AX1U meets the 8K UHD standard (7,680x4,320 pixels), allowing for pixel resolutions 16x that of Full HD and 4x of 4K. The display offers 800 cd/m2—up to 4,000 cd/m2 at peak level—which is more than the brightness of Sharp’s first generation of 8K displays. It also has more than five times more local dimming backlight zones for greater contrast between bright and dark areas.

There is also 10-Bit Extended Color Range that increases the range of possible color values in each pixel up to 1.07 billion colors. Other features include reduced motion blur during panning or movement and has 4x HDMI inputs to display native 8K content.

The 8M-B80AX1U is now available.