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Sennheiser to launch MKH 8000 mic series at AES

Sennheiser will launch of its MKH 8000 series of microphones at the upcoming AES show in New York. The new range combines the company's RF condenser technology with a compact, modular form factor and a range of application-specific accessories. The MKH 8000 series will include three models offering omnidirectional, cardioid or supercardioid pickup patterns, all offering extremely wide frequency response.

The frequency response of the new MKH 8000 microphones ranges from 10Hz to 60kHz (MKH 8020) and 30Hz to 50kHz (MKH 8040 and MKH 8050), allowing them to record fine details for high sampling rate digital audio formats. The pickup patterns have been designed for accuracy across the entire frequency response, allowing instrument groups to be clearly separated. The group also features low self-noise and high maximum SPL ratings — 138dB for the MKH 8020 and 142dB for the MKH 8040 and MKH 8050.

Available accessories include floor stands, extension tubes, shock mounts, remote cables, table stands, ceiling mounts, clamps and various fixtures. All signal-transmitting components are systematically designed with two channels to allow stereo signals or dual mono signals to be passed.

Sennheiser's RF condenser microphone technology uses a comparatively low RF voltage generated by a low-noise oscillator rather than the high polarization voltage of a standard condenser mic, achieving a wide dynamic range and an excellent low frequency response even with small capsules. Even though the capsule is grounded, it possesses a fully floating, balanced output without a transformer. The lower electrical impedance of an RF-biased capsule also allows it to be operated in conditions that would be too damp for a standard, DC-biased microphone.

The 8000 Series all have a unique symmetrical push-pull transducer. Besides the normal back plate, this capsule is fitted with an additional front plate, with the diaphragm positioned between these acoustically transparent plates. The result of this design is unchanging acoustic impedance, extremely low distortion figures and a higher capsule output with much lower noise.

The MKH 8000 series is packaged in sets, each including the microphone capsule, XLR module, windscreen, stand adapter and aluminum transport case.

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