Sennheiser introduces 2000 Series wireless microphone

Sennheiser has introduced the 2000 Series, a professional, entry-level wireless microphone system that’s ideal for sports and other broadcasting applications.

The 2000 Series includes handheld and body-pack transmitters with single or twin receivers. For monitoring, professional users can combine the diversity receivers of the series with single or twin monitor transmitters. The series offers a high level of frequency flexibility and multichannel capability with professional control via the company’s Wireless Systems Manager software.

Sennheiser said the 2000 Series is backward compatible with all generations of Evolution wireless products and professional accessories of its 3000 and 5000 Series, including clip-on microphones, antennas, boosters and combiners.

Depending on the UHF range, the units have a switching bandwidth of up to 72MHz in the United States, in which up to 64 compatible frequency presets are available for microphones and up to 32 for monitoring systems. The rack-mount units can transmit their frequency data, name, sensitivity, low cut, etc., to the corresponding portable transmitters or receivers via an infrared interface.

All 2000 Series portable transmitters and receivers can be powered either by standard batteries or by rechargeable Accupacks and have external charging contacts (with the exception of the plug-on transmitter).