Sencore Delivers the Goods at LTN Global

SAVAGE, MD.—LTN Global Communications was founded in 2007 to solve the quality and reliability issues that impede professional-quality video delivery over the public Internet. Our focus is on providing ad hoc, occasional-use connectivity for newsgathering, outdoor broadcasts and large venue content applications, as well as providing transport of fulltime channels from studios and playout locations to distribution points such as cable headends, direct-to-home uplinks and TV stations.

LTN’s SmartCloud live video delivery service is designed to take advantage of the ubiquity and availability of the Internet and to create a secure, reliable, economical, and high-performance delivery system, which rivals that of satellite, leased-line, and fiber video delivery services with reduced operating costs. SmartCloud uses an intelligent global network to provide continuous service under stringent performance guarantees and is used by broadcasters for both occasional-use applications, like newsgathering and event contribution, as well as full-time channel distribution on either a point-to-point or point-to-multipoint basis.

Malik Khan Our end-point appliances employ proprietary protocols to create a fixed and reliable transport stream “pipe,” optimally connecting our customers to the Smart- Cloud network. They can transmit video feeds simultaneously to multiple destinations with the lowest possible latency, high reliability, and high quality.

In order to provide optimal service for occasional use feeds and live shots from studios and affiliates, we have established a preferred vendor relationship with Sencore. We found that Sencore’s MRD 3187B modular receiver/decoder supports virtually any application, as it combines a variety of input interface options, dualchannel processing, and MPEG-2, MPEG-4, 4:2:0, 4:2:2, SD, and HD decoding. As our occasional-use customers work in a variety of video formats that combine SD/ HD signals, the modular MRD 3187B has proven to be an ideal solution.

Our customers have installed a large number of Sencore MRD 3187B units, with these typically residing on the receiving or acquisition side of the transmission link and installed in the customer’s central broadcasting facility. An LTN endpoint appliance enables the Sencore unit to instantly receive the IP video feeds transmitted from remote locations via LTN’s SmartCloud, and to decode them for broadcast. A typical MRD 3187B configuration for an LTN SmartCloud application would include Sencore’s 8727 dual MPEG IP input cards, 8732 MPEG-2/H.264 decoder cards, and 8708 HD-SDI video output cards.

Today’s broadcasters are required to amass a great deal of video content from a wide variety of sources and arriving in a growing range of video formats, while trying to control operating costs. With Smart- Cloud connectivity and the Sencore MRD 3187B, we can help these broadcasters meet their requirements with an intelligent, cloud-based service that transforms the Internet into a truly viable, cost-effective platform for professional-quality video delivery.

Malik Khan serves as co-founder and executive chairman of LTN Global Communications. He may be contacted

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