Screen Service ARK-ECHO fills in ATSC/ATSC-MH coverage gaps

ARK-ECHO, the ATSC/ATSC-MH on-channel repeater with echo cancellation, is the newest broadcasting innovation from Screen Service.

The product is a digital on-channel repeater that serves as a gap filler in areas that do not receive a signal due to natural or manmade obstacles, with echo cancellation to ensure optimal signal.

The ARK-ECHO features an agile UHF output upconverter, input digital signal monitoring, and amplitude and phase modulation pre-correction calibrated on channel with power ranges for digital signal with manual modeling of the curves on Java GUI. ARK-1 ATSC/ATSC-MH is a cost-effective solution that fills gaps and transmits on the same RF signal.

ARK-ECHO extends the coverage thanks to the low signal-to-noise ratio provided. The compact design of ARK-ECHO is a critical element for digital on-channel repeaters because of the limited space available in most locations. The repeater is available in 1RU up to 20W rms and 2RU up to 100W rms.