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Savard Faire to launch free video server software

TV consulting firm Savard Faire is launching free video server software at the upcoming NAB Show. Stéphane Savard, founder of Savard Faire, said, “Everybody has been searching for a simple, advanced solution that can match the rhythm of change. Ubiquitous video means there is need for video servers everywhere: playing to air, to the Web, on monitors in studio, for production or for public display. Simply, there is a plethora of applications for the video server.”

“Video servers are nothing new to us. Building and upgrading facilities, we felt that our customers were paying a significant premium for old server architecture,” Savard said. “For us, it made sense to leverage Apple Quartz technologies to create a product that can be used everywhere.”

The product will be available to Savard Faire customers starting at NAB in April 2010. In the meantime, customers with pressing needs can communicate with company headquarters to sign up for the beta program.