Sans Digital debuts two new media archiving systems

Sans Digital is introducing a new line of tower and rack-mount appliances for media asset management and archiving. The Sans Digital Video Asset Management VAM product line specifically handles professional and organizations that are struggling with data storage of their video, audio, and still images. These network storage archive systems are engineered with media professionals in mind. Built on Sans Digital NAS hardware and the digital content management software VAM, the new Sans Digital VAM series VA003-6E tower and VA308-8E rack-mount appliance give users a complete digital media archiving system.

The product line was designed around the need for accelerated archive and retrieval workflows of digital media users. The VAM’s capability to search, preview and repurpose all forms of digital media, brings quick access to needed content even through enormous amounts of data. This is achieved by using the built-in content management software which helps to create a low-resolution proxy for users and allows them to quickly and easily preview and search entire catalogs of video, audio, and still images. Crossplatform ability allows the VAM tower and rack-mounts to support both Mac and PC environments as well as crossapplication support for Avid, Final Cut Pro, Premier and other video editing suites, allows for over-arching management of all video assets. Sans Digital VAM plug-and-play appliance is the complete system supporting all forms of digital media with expanded video management functionality. The combination of storage hardware and the Video Content Management software, delivers the complete video content management system in an all-in-one appliance. As data increases over time, the VAMs are able to easily scale up and can be combined with additional VAM units within a network to provide pay-as-you-grow system for use in any sized organization.

There are two ready to deploy models: VA003-6E and VA308-8E. Both models are pre-built with 4TB and 7TB storage capacity respectively. Both models include LTO-5 tape drives (with LTO-6 drives upgrade available) for offline media. Many video files contain extractable context as well as content file-specific metadata that can be used to identify a particular file or group of files. The video and entertainment industry has evolved its own set of additional context metadata, such as shoot date, edit date, closed caption information, frame rate, lab references, edit decision lists (EDLs), clapper board information, shot markings, subtitling and VAM series incorporates that metadata (and a whole lot more) into the post-production process allowing for the rapid and relevant search and retrieval of needed assets. Once in the VAM's database, metadata information follows actual video file assets as they move to different storage locations. At the same time, user-configurable policies then migrate and replicate the video assets to less-costly build-in LTO-5 tape or different VAM, allowing unlimited yet manageable storage solution for never-enough storage need for creative professionals.

Sans Digital VAM VA003-6E
This plug-and-play desktop cube appliance is a 4TB RAID-5 with one integrated LTO-5 drive for a multitiered storage system. Built on an Intel Core i5 processor with 16GB of memory, VA003-6E provides a building block for the production video asset management. SAS expansion available for tape library integration.

Sans Digital VAM VA308-8E
This standard 3U rack-mount system with 7TB RAID-5 and one integrated LTO-5 drive (optional second LTO-5 drive available) provides a complete multitiered digital media storage system. Built on an Intel Xeon processor, this appliance delivers outstanding performance as a content management storage device. SAS expansion available for tape library integration.