SAMMA Systems archives videotapes

SAMMA Systems, a New York City-based specialist in automation products, is offering a system that automatically converts legacy videotapes to digital files.

The System for the Automated Migration of Media Assets, or SAMMA, comprises hardware, software and workflow processes to perform automatic migration of recorded content from videotapes to one or more digital file formats.

The system allows quick separation of media that requires special handling, and performs automated and unattended archival quality migration.

Processing includes physical media inspection and checks for bibliographic accuracy; separation of media too degraded to be processed automatically; media cleaning and inspection; automated migration; consistent quality control; and generation of metadata for the entire process.

The modular SAMMA system is custom configured to each client’s specific requirements and can migrate from all popular analog or digital cassette formats. The system is installed on site, where non-technical personnel can perform the tasks required for daily operation.
An intelligent quality control system ensures that videotape media is migrated correctly, without human intervention. The system, the manufacturer said, can accurately migrate up to 140 hours of material per day.

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