Rycote adds new InVision mic suspension, Lyre clips

Rycote unveiled the InVision INV-9 and INV-10 microphone suspension assemblies at IBC2008.

With a 30mm Lyre support clip at the front of its support assembly and a 19mm-25mm clip at the back, the INV-9 is designed to hold mics, such as Shure's SM57 and SM58 and Neumann’s KMS105.

The INV-10 is designed specifically for Sennheiser's MKH range of mics, with two specially designed flat-sided clips to accommodate the flat-edged mic barrel of the MKH range on a 70mm support bar.

During IBC, the company also introduced Lyre suspension clips, which are used in the InVision range, for many other Rycote products, including its modular suspension system.

For more information, visit www.rycote.com.