RUSHWORKS Launching PTX Model 1L at 2019 Video Show

WASHINGTON—RUSHWORKS will pull the curtain back on its PTX Model 1L pan tilt head for the first time at the 2019 Video Show, in addition to showing a number of other production-based products.

PTX Model 1L

PTX Model 1L

The PTX Model 1L is a new version of the PTX Model 1 camera head, now featuring a powerful tilt motor and a larger L-shaped tilt platform. With these new features, the unit is compatible with wider and heavier cameras/lenses, including DSLR, the Sony Alpha series and RX10 IV “bridge” camera. Model 1L is still able to be controlled using RS-422 VISCA devices, as well as DMW hardware and software. It also has connections for cameras that can be controlled using RS-422, RS-232, LANC and Panasonic REMOTE communications.

RUSHWORKS is also planning on showing its RUSHDOLLY robotic camera platform that supports many kinds of cameras, including PTX PanTilt heads and PTZ standalone models. It is fully integrated with RUSHWORKS, CTRL+R Camera, Dolly and Switcher Control software, as well as with RUSHWORKS’ VDESK/REMO integrated PTX/PTZ production systems.

Other platforms on display will include the VNEWS turnkey production system, VDEPO video deposition recording system, the VDESK integrated multicamera PTZ and PTX production system and A-LIST Broadcast automation system and A-LIST Streamster.

RUSHWORKS will be located at booth 609 during the Video Show, which takes place from Dec. 4-5 in Washington, D.C.

You can find out more or register for the Video Show on the website,