RTW adds touch screen GUI to audio metering portfolio

At the AES 2010 convention, RTW, a German provider of professional audio metering and control devices, is displaying its TouchMonitor series of products that are used for professional audio signal metering and monitoring applications. Specific highlights include the TouchMonitor TM7, with a 7in touch screen, and the TouchMonitor TM9, with a 9in touch screen.

The new audio metering series features a redesigned GUI equipped with a touch-screen 16:9 high-resolution display. The unit also comes with an optional digital 3G SDI interface (on TM9 only) for broadcasters faced with managing new loudness control standards.

When multiple instruments of the same type are assigned to different input channels, they are typically displayed simultaneously and configured separately. With the introduction of the touch screen, an interactive, context-sensitive help feature will support the user by allowing quick and efficient configuration changes, all with the touch of a finger.

In addition, RTW and Lawo, a German-based manufacturer of consoles, have announced that the new RTW TouchMonitor TM7 will be available as a fully integrated OEM product for the Lawo mc range of digital audio consoles. RTW is also working with TC Electronic to develop new audio metering products. TC Electronic’s LM5D will be included as a software option for the TouchMonitor series.

RTW will also exhibit its SurroundControl 31960 series, the company's flagship line of products. Made specifically for controlling, analyzing and monitoring stereo, surround-sound and multichannel programs, this series of products combines the metering functions of the RTW surround display devices and the control functions of an eight-channel monitoring controller.