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R&S multistandard test platform supports Chinese, European mobile TV standards

Jumping on two new mobile TV broadcast standards — China’s CMMB and Europe’s DVB-SH — Rohde &Schwarz has debuted its new SFU-K13 and SFU-K15 test platforms, which offer everything needed to develop and test CMMB and DVB-SH receivers in a single box. Both are slated to ship in December.

The R&S SFU-K13 real-time coder option supports the SH-A mode of Europe's DVB-SH standard with OFDM-modulated signals. Capable of generating signals for Class 1 and 2 DVB-SH receivers, it works with all IFFT modes, including the new 1K IFFT mode for 1.7MHz channels.

The R&S SFU-K15 CMMB real-time coder option supports all the 4K IFFT code rates and constellations of China's CMMB standard. The baseband signal to be transmitted is encoded using the H.264 standard and is transmitted as an MF transport stream. The SFU test platform’s ability to analyze the control information in the MF0 frame of the transport stream allows the appropriate transmission parameters to be set automatically.

Baseband signals for the new broadcast standards can be played back by the test platform's integrated transport stream player. Alternatively, they can be supplied from an external source over the ASI interface. RF range can be set as high as 3GHz, allowing users to generate the satellite downlink as well as the terrestrial network signal.

R&S also is offering new options that take advantage of the test platform’s simulation functions including noise, multipath propagation and adjacent channel interference. The SFU delivers precise standard signals, permits signal modification up to the system limits and inserts defined errors.

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