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Roland V-1600HD Simplifies Production at CPR

Roland’s V-1600HD
GAITHERSBURG, MD.—CPR MultiMedia Solutions is a technical production and rental company located just outside our nation's capital. We handle everything from audio, video, lighting, staging, to video editing. We serve a wide variety of clients, with participation in such events as HBO premier screenings, presidential inauguration gala events, National Symphony Orchestra performances, government events, as well as corporate and industrial shows.


In order to better serve such a large cross section of clients and events, we were in the market for a video production switcher that would allow us to accommodate a variety of video inputs and had the flexibility necessary to mix these inputs down to either one or multiple screens. We were also looking for a switcher that was relatively easy to operate, as our staff and clients have varying degrees of technical ability. We went shopping for a new switcher at a recent NAB show and got a demonstration of the Roland V-1600HD. We found that its capabilities seem to match very closely with our requirements, so making the purchase was an easy decision. Now the switcher serves as the core element for our production work.

Once we received the V-1600HD switcher, we put it through its paces in our shop, and then shipped it out the next day for a live Webcast and recording event of a poetry contest. The unit performed flawlessly and its simple layout made it easy for our operator to navigate.

Our clients usually require lots of graphics in connection with their events, and the V-1600HD switcher fits in very nicely in this area, as it has flexible graphics inputs ranging from analog RGB to DVI/HDMI. The switcher's ability to switch between an analog RGB signal and a DVI digital input is really a great convenience in our productions.


The next project in which we used the V-1600HD was a Motorola stockholders meeting. This event required us to have two independent outputs: one to feed a center screen, and another to feed different content to two outside screens. The V-1600HD switcher's two independent outputs allowed us to provide the different video content that the job required. The V-1600HD's "Dual Mode" feature let us switch the video and graphics content independently. We were also able to seamlessly cut between camera and graphic sources in this application, even though we were dealing with different video resolutions. This feature is another big plus for the switcher, and one which makes it a very useful tool in our live production and corporate events applications.

We just purchased a Roland MVS-12 SD multi-viewer to integrate with the V-1600HD. This is used in connection with displaying isolated video from each of our cameras.

Our experiences with the Roland V-1600HD to date have been excellent; we are very pleased with its performance. The switcher's operation is very intuitive, and so simple that a beginner can figure out everything without having to open the manual.

Pat McGillen has been the director of video services at CPR MultiMedia Solutions for the past 17 years, and has been involved in live production for 25 years. He may be contacted at

For additional information, contact Roland Systems Group at 800-380-2580 or visit