Rohde & Schwarz unveils SCx8000 low-, medium-power transmitter

Rohde & Schwarz unveiled the R&S SCx8000 compact, efficient TV transmitter designed to meet the needs of low- to medium-power market broadcasters.

Although specifically developed for digital standards, such as ATSC, ATSC Mobile DTV, DVB-T, DVB-H and MediaFLO, the SCx8000 also performs as an analog TV transmitter.

The transmitter’s large-scale integration design reduces infrastructure, leasing and installation costs, and its high efficiency saves energy. Its compact design is the result of reducing the number of required rack components to a minimum.

The SCx8000 series uses the new R&S Sx801 exciter, which can be controlled and monitored via its display. The transmitters for the UHF range feature output power of up to 450W (ATSC/ATSC Mobile DTV) or 300W (DVB-T, MediaFLO) with one amplifier. If a second amplifier with an integrated combiner is used, up to 900W (ATSC/ATSC Mobile DTV) or 600W (DVB-T, MediaFLO) can be reached.