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Rohde & Schwarz TV analyzer integrates digital, analog measurements

Rohde & Schwarz has enhanced its R&S ETL TV analyzer with two new analog options that provide analog video line analysis capability and video generator functionality. Available now, the compact R&S ETL analyzes and generates both analog and digital test signals in a single box.

Despite the global switchover to digital TV, analog networks are still being operated and deployed. Some are being enhanced with new transmitters to ensure better coverage, while others are being transitioned from analog to digital operation. During this transition phase, the two will operate in parallel. The new ETL options make it possible to carry out complete acceptance tests on analog, as well as digital, transmitters.

The R&S ETL-K202 option handles all video line analysis measurements. Parameters for all common ATV standards are predefined for setup and configuration with no additional hardware. Clearly structured screen pages display measurement results that can be read at a glance. The R&S ETL K203 option generates a standard-conforming analog TV signal that can be fed to the transmitter and is also needed for video line analysis.

The R&S ETL features:

  • Compatibility with multiple standards
  • Software- and chip-based demodulators
  • Real-time demodulator operation
  • Baseband outputs
  • Wide range of TV signal analysis functions
  • Integrated spectrum analysis functions
  • MPEG-2 analysis and monitoring (optional)
  • Design for portable and stationary use
  • Support for analog TV standards and DVB-T/H, ATSC/8-VSB, DTMB (China) and DVB-C (J.83/A/C) digital standards