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Rohde & Schwarz offers SX800 exciter as an ATSC-M/H firmware option

Rohde & Schwarz is offering new ATSC-M/H TV technology as a firmware option to its software-defined R&S SX800 exciter, introduced in 2006 to support all worldwide TV broadcasting standards, including ATSC, MediaFLO TM, DVB-T/H and ISDB-T.

The fully frequency-agile R&S SX800 exciter is already in use in both of the latest R&S ATSC and NTSC air-cooled and liquid-cooled transmitter systems as well as in other firms’ transmitters. It’s also available as part of an exciter retrofit package to replace the exciter in the existing transmitters of any manufacture. All R&S DTV transmitters that use the R&S SX800 exciter can be switched to ATSC-M/H without hardware changes.

R&S will be serving the new mobile TV standard with a line of low-power transmitters for use as gap-fillers or in single-frequency networks (SFN) to enhance coverage in problem areas. To complement its exciter and transmitter products and allow broadcasters to make the move to ATSC-M/H a one-stop operation, R&S will also be releasing a new multiplexer.

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