Rohde & Schwarz network management software simplifies transmitter site configuration

The R&S TS4570 from Rohde & Schwarz is a straightforward network management application that provides a comprehensive overview of broadcast operations.

It monitors all transmitters and monitoring equipment at the transmitter sites via an SNMP interface and displays them on a computer. Faults can be detected immediately and corrected quickly.

The R&S TS4570-K14 option eliminates the need to configure every transmitter site separately because it has configuration templates that can be generated specifically for each type of transmitter site. Using these templates, data is entered only once and then transferred to all sites. The new option also features a geographical map on which it displays the current network status in a clear-cut manner.

The R&S TS4570-K13 option also includes a valuable Web-based reporting tool. Network operators can use this tool to provide their broadcaster customers with a solution for measuring and checking the network's quality of service.