Riedel provided communications for German Papal Visit

The recent Papal visit to Berlin, Freiburg and Erfurt used comprehensive communication and AV systems from German intercom vendor Riedel Communications. The company delivered a solution that included digital trunked radios (TETRA), Artist digital matrix intercom, as well as the fiber based media network MediorNet and the digital audio network RockNet.

Security requirements, as well as the technical demands, were high for the five main events associated with the visit. Riedel’s task was to build a reliable communications infrastructure in each location that was also secure from eavesdropping. In addition, the locations needed to be ready to distribute audio and video signals to both broadcast networks and to the on-site video walls.

The two largest events were held in Freiburg, including a vigil and the farewell celebration at the local airport. Two interconnected TETRA cells with four base radios were used to guarantee reliable radio network coverage across the entire Freiburg region. The cells were connected via a Riedel Headliner RF link. Headliner RF links allow 25mi, bi-directional connections with a bandwidth of up to 300Mb/s.

Security personnel and organizers in Freiburg used 1000 professional digital handheld radios with over 50 TETRA groups. Riedel Connect Duo and Connect IP interfaces integrated the radio network into the Artist digital matrix intercom system, forming a single communications infrastructure. The Artist system comprised three Artist 128 mainframes connected via a redundant fiber based ring. A total 80 Artist 1000 series control panels and 30 Artist 2000 series control panels were used.