RFS expands line of DTV PeakPower+ filters, combiners

Radio Frequency Systems (RFS) showed its expanded line of PeakPower+ filters and combiners for DTV at IBC2010.

RFS’ PeakPower+ filters and combiners are specifically designed for the high-peak-to-average-power-ratio nature of DTV.

The company showed the new RFS 500W and 2.5kW filter models along with the enhanced 1kW and 5kW models. For ease of alignment with transmitters, each model is named according to its input power rating.

Technology advances in the PeakPower+ filters include enabling tuning across the 6MHz, 7MHz and 8 MHz bands and further lowering insertion loss. The filters support the DVB-T, ATSC and ISDB-T standards.

RFS’ PeakPower+ filters safely sustain the high-peak power requirements of DTV. As a result, broadcasters can expect fewer system shutdowns and increased revenue through the safe addition and diversification of digital channels and services within their existing infrastructure.