ReplayTV Removes Ad Skipping from New PVR

ReplayTV, a Digital Networks North America company, whose parent D&M Holdings acquired from a bankrupt SonicBlue in April, ReplayTV has introduced the 5500 series PVR, which adds several new features but drops a the controversial ad skipping feature available in previous versions.

The PVR features 5.0 software that includes network recording, which identifies recording conflicts and assigns recording to an available ReplayTV on the users' home network, pause and resume, where a user can, for example, pause a movie in their living room and finish watching it in their bedroom, first run recordings, which records only the new episodes and skips recording the repeats, and recording priority, which identifies conflicts and lets the viewer decide which shows to record.

In response to previous concern over copyright holders, ReplayTV removed the Send Show feature in the new model as well as the Automatic Commercial Advance feature. It did, however, retain QuickSkip, a 30-second jump-ahead feature, and high-speed fast forward buttons.

The 5500 will be available in August.