RealNetworks Unveils RealVideo 9 and RealAudio Sound

RealNetworks Inc. recently released its RealVideo 9 and RealAudio Surround, which together bring broadcast-quality video to broadband users and a subscription-quality video experience to dialup users.

RealVideo 9 reduces video storage and delivery costs by 30 percent over RealVideo 8. When combined with RealAudio Surround, RealVideo 9 can deliver a home theatre experience using much less space than DVD. RealAudio Surround enables multichannel surround sound starting at 44 Kbps.

The paired products offer an enhanced experience to consumers at a variety of connection speeds:

* Narrowband: Advancements in video compression technology for dial-up connection speeds enable half-screen video at dial-up bitrates;
* Broadband: Consumers can watch VHS quality at 160 Kbps or better;
* Home Theatre: With near-DVD quality video and surround sound audio possible at 500 Kbps, RealVideo 9 and RealAudio Surround can improve the economics of Internet-movie distribution. Two full-length movies can be stored on a CD and 15 movies will fit on a DVD. RealVideo 9 also supports HDTV formats and resolutions at data rates below traditional HDTV.

RealNetworks is also submitting components of RealVideo 9 to the Joint Video Team, a joint working group of MPEG and VCEG that will create the next version of MPEG-4. Twenty-two content providers have RealVideo 9 content available now, with an additional 15 content partners preparing to deploy content in the future.