RCA offers hybrid mobile DTV hand-held receivers

Those heartbroken over the loss of their Sony Watchmans and other battery-operated, portable analog TV receivers now have options available from RCA. The consumer electronics company is offering hybrid mobile DTV (MDTV) receivers in four options.

The RCA models receive both ATSC M/H MDTV and terrestrial 8VSB DTV with a 3.5in model also receiving FM radio via embedded monopole antenna. For those who want only a DTV receiver, RCA also offers a model that is strictly terrestrial ATSC.

RCA is offering two 3.5in models with LCD displays and 320x240 RGB resolution at 4:3. The less expensive model is powered by four AA alkaline batteries while the other is provided with built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. Both are good for four hours of playback, come with an AC adapter and car charger with phone jack connector. The two models feature a signal-strength indicator, closed captioning, and English/Spanish menu display.

Those wanting a larger viewing display will seek out RCA's 7in model also with a LCD display but with an 800x480 RGB resolution at 16:9. RCA notes this display features a contrast ratio of 500:1. The larger model is also powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery good for four hours of playback. This model is also capable of hybrid ATSC or MDTV reception with a 360-degree adjustable antenna.

The pocket MDTV car tuner/receiver picks up hybrid ATSC or MDTV signals. The device is powered by a car charger and connects to the car's radio. The car receiver also comes with an antenna that can be placed on the roof of the vehicle for improved reception. The device can connect to an existing in-car entertainment system via audio and video input jacks.