Quantum Unveils H2000 Series Hybrid Storage Array

Quantum H2000
(Image credit: Quantum)

SAN JOSE, Calif.—Quantum has launched its H2000 Series hybrid storage array, which leverages SSD and HDD media to enable users to align performance and cost with their applications and provides tight integration with the company’s StorNext File System to enhance productivity.

“The volume of unstructured data that organizations are creating can impede their ability to make use of their data efficiently,” said Noemi Greyzdorf, director of Product Marketing at Quantum. 

Calling the H2000 Series a “generational upgrade,” Greyzdorf said the storage array provides better storage capacity and access.

Providing the foundation for future scalable deployments in StorNext environments, the H2000 Series offers maximum throughput and sequential I/O performance for accelerated media production workflows, the company said.

The H2000 Series can be configured with high-performance SSD storage or high-capacity HDD storage, and with either fiber channel or Ethernet connectivity to meet the needs of any environment, it said.

It’s based on the same software-defined architecture used in Quantum’s F-Series line of NVMe storage servers, and both the F-Series and the H2000 Series can be deployed as part of a StorNext file system cluster, Quantum said. 

In November 2020, the company unveiled a strategy of offering solutions on a subscription basis to support unstructured data across its lifecycle. 

“We made a big commitment to our customers when we introduced the software subscription license based on capacity last year,” said Ed Fiore, vice president/general manager, Primary Storage at Quantum. 

“Since then, we’ve focused on new developments that address their needs for expanded capacities, real-time search and analytics and other functionalities,” he said. “By introducing the H2000 Series, we can help our customers deliver and extract the full value of these software-based propositions, empowering their future workflows and performance needs.”

More information is available on the Quantum website (opens in new tab)

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