Pronology Updates StreamFile Core to Support Remote Production

Pronology SmartFile Core
(Image credit: Pronology)

NEW YORK—Pronology has announced some new updates to its StreamFile Core cross-platform software application specifically meant to help with remote production and for users who are increasingly working from home.

StreamFile Core receives IP video protocols and encodes them into ProRes, DNx, XDCam and other formats. As part of this new version, Pronology has integrated NewTek NDI and Haivision SRT support to enable increased IP and streaming capabilities. The update also allows for an unlimited number of record channels based on hardware performance, per Pronology.

StreamFile Core can now support several additional codecs, including the ability to record ProRes and DNx with both .mxf and .mov wrappers. This enables remote workers to turn NDI or SRT streams into edit-ready files for Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro and others. The software can also work as a cloud-based model using Amazon Web Services. Licensing and support is available for both short and long term projects.

Stability features have also been added to the software, allowing for automatic resolution scaling, frame rate detection and correction.

With StreamFile Core, users can receive broadcast quality media over Zoom, Skype and IP streams, according to Jonathan Aroesty, president of Pronology. 

StreamFile Core runs macOS and Windows 10.

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