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Anton-Bauer has released the latest in its new TITAN line of products, the TITAN TWIN charger, which is the companion to the TITAN 70 combination camera/power supply released last year. It features a high-impact plastic enclosure and a universal wide range mains input (90-250 VAC 50/60 Hz). In addition to having the same charge termination techniques of Anton-Bauer InterActive chargers, it now gives users the ability to charge two ProFormer batteries in one hour, two TrimPacs or HyTRON 50s in two hours, two ProPacs in three hours, or two HyTRON 100s in five hours.

Contact: Anton-Bauer

Unity LANshare 1.0

Avid recently introduced the Unity LANshare version 1.0 as part of its family of shared storage and associated service products. The new product combines the file sharing functionality of Avid Unity with a server to deliver an Ethernet-based solution. Its core is a storage and server unit that supports up to six simultaneous realtime clients. Features of the system include sharing of media simultaneously between connected workstations, support of Avid Media Composer, Film Composer, Media Station SL, and Avid Xpress clients (Meridien only). It also offers the UnityRAID media protection option.

Contact: Avid (opens in new tab)

BT Broadcast Services

BT Broadcast Services has completed i-View, a dedicated digital fiber network that creates a "virtual global teleport" for broadcasters, linking the company's domestic and international infrastructure. i-View provides a network for both point-to-point occasional use and permanent contribution services from the company's media centers in Los Angeles and Washington, DC, and point of presence in New York to its facilities in London and Paris. It also provides for the delivery of first generation broadcast-quality video.

Contact: BT Broadcast Services (opens in new tab)

BUF Technology
Louth Protocol Support

BUF Technology now supports the VDCP (Louth) Protocol, a new feature for its SPOT Video Server Management System. VDCP allows SPOT users to specify the playback channel on the server. BUF designed the VDCP version of SPOT with one channel per master control. SPOT utilizes the same four-digit code IDs as used by Louth. It is a standalone compact controller designed for control of up to eight server channels and was designed for time and space limited applications such as master control, production trucks, control rooms, game and talk shows, and multimedia.

Contact: BUF Technology

3D Capabilities

Canopus has announced the addition of realtime 3D transition capabilities to its DVRaptor-RT, DVStorm, DVRex RT, and DVRex RT Professional products. With the new 3D capabilities, users can choose from a collection of five transition groups (page peel, fly away, single door, double door, and sphere) and over 30 preset transitions. Each effects group has its own settings. The keyframe feature has a number of presets, such as bounce, pause halfway, slow-down, and speed-up. Users can customize and save keyframe settings into the preset list for a reserve of custom effects.

Contact: Canopus

Aprisa Digital SSX

Chyron has brought out its Aprisa Digital SSX stillstore, an approach to on-air recall with media management and graphics creation. It offers up to four channels of 10-bit broadcast quality video and key for creation, storage, and playout of stills. In addition, it features ten types of digital transitions, such as push, reveal, hide, cover, and dissolve. Each transition can be customized and saved to a unique ID for instant recall in a playlist. Users can also create an independent playlist per channel or one multichannel playlist. All media assets can be stored on each machine or on a central server and accessed via Ethernet by multiple systems on the network.

Digital Voodoo
Iridium AV

Digital Voodoo has introduced Iridium AV, a standard definition, output-only broadcast design card featuring two 10-bit SDI outputs, one composite output for composite preview, and six channels of AES/EBU digital audio. The card is designed specifically for broadcast designers and visual effects artists who want to be able to view their work on either a broadcast SDI monitor or on a standard NTSC or PAL video monitor with the added ability of outputting digital audio. It is compatible with all standard definition design applications for the Macintosh. Users can work with uncompressed 10-bit 4:2:2:4 or 4:4:4:4 dual-link video directly in YUV colorspace.

Contact: Digital Voodoo">

cleaner 5.1

Discreet has announced that its newly acquired streaming software, Discreet cleaner 5.1, is available for sale and as a free download to update all current cleaner 5 customers at /

Dolby Laboratories
DP579 Interface Unit

Dolby Laboratories has begun shipping its new DP579 Dolby E Tri-Level Sync Interface unit. The DP579 is used in conjunction with the DP571 and DP572 Dolby E encoder and decoder to generate 23.98 or 24 fps Dolby E streams. It converts tri-level video sync into Dolby Black (a video reference that is used by the Dolby E codecs).

Contact: Dolby Laboratories

Early Access Program

Envivio has launched its Early Access Program, which offers access to evaluation licenses for the full suite of Envivio's software products, as well as training and support. The products are available immediately. The program was designed to give access to major components of the Envivio Solution for offline production and streaming of MPEG-4-compliant media including the Envivio Encoding Station (EES) 1.0 and the Envivio Streaming Server (ESS) 1.0 Additional features include Envivio TV 1.0 (ETV), and Envivio Coding Tools (ECT).

Contact: Envivio



Evertz has expanded its product line to include the 7761AVM-DC, a dual-channel, composite analog video and audio monitoring card with VistaLINK. It is aimed primarily at broadcasters transitioning to a digital infrastructure. Monitoring functions the card performs include audio level and phase bar graph creation, closed captioning, VITC, program rating and SID data extraction; with on-screen display. In addition, an extensive list of error conditions can be monitored with fault conditions configured and enabled to automatically alert operators through on-screen alerts, GPO, or VistaLINK network management.

>Contact: Evertz

Fuji Photo Film
NANO CUBIC Technology

Fuji Photo Film has developed a new magnetic media recording technology, NANO CUBIC. NANO CUBIC is a thin layer coating that results in higher resolution for recording digital data, low noise, and high signal-to-noise ratios that are best used for magneto-resistive (MR) heads. It is capable of pushing data cartridge and digital videotape to one-TB native (uncompressed) capacities and floppy disk capacities to three GB.

Contact: Fujifilm USA

Heartland Video
HDI DTV System

Heartland Video Systems has introduced its HDI (High Definition Integrated) DTV system. The system provides a single rack containing upconversion, routing, monitoring, encoding, multiplexing, and PSIP generation. The HDI system highlights front panel control as well as PC control of most components. It also integrates equipment from Tandberg Television, Miranda Technologies, Dolby, Evertz, and Triveni Digital. Systems can be configured from SD only to HD/SD with dynamic PSIP and multiplexing of pre-compressed inputs.

Contact: Heartland Video Systems

iShot Imaging
PTZ-Cam 2.75

iShot Imaging has just added the new PTZ-Cam 2.75 to its product line. The PTZ-Cam is a robotic inspection camera that allows users to inspect small vessels for structural problems and is applicable to broadcast operations. It features a head assembly that pans 360 degrees and tilts ±110 degrees, granting a full, panoramic view of vessel interiors; high-torque stepper motors, and integral slip clutches for each drive. The camera zooms in optically 10:1, but amplifies that range digitally for a total zoom capability of 40:1. The extended range lets an operator scan broadly across an interior surface, focus on a specific region, and then zoom in close to inspect points of interest in high magnification.

Contact: iShot Imaging

Network Electronics

Norway's Network Electronics has brought its latest generation control panel to the U.S. market. The new THOR-CP was developed for Network Electronics' VikinX.THOR router management system. Features of the THOR-CP include a configurable panel, configurable software for each push button on the panel, and a panel interface to external GPI signals. All push buttons can be configured from the VikinX.THOR Main Package software.

Contact: Network Electronics

BT-H1700 Video Monitor

Panasonic Broadcast & Television Systems has announced the availability of the BT-H1700 17-inch multiformat video monitor. The wide-screen BT-H1700 features a 17-inch 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratio flat screen display in a compact, rack-mountable chassis. The monitor displays more than 800 lines of resolution, and, with its input modules, can display ATSC, SD, and HD signals, including 1080/24 fps, in their native resolution. The unit is both NTSC and PAL-capable, works on either 110 or 220 volts, and is UL compliant. It provides three card slots that can accommodate up to three input modules, including composite video or Y/C, analog component RGB, SD-SDI and HD-SDI.

Contact: Panasonic

Pinnacle Systems
CinZWave RT

Pinnacle Systems has commenced shipment of its CinZWave RT, which allows for real-time editing, effects, and compositing with uncompressed standard definition (SD) video. Functionalities include realtime motion control of video and graphics, image control, and transitions. CinZWave RT includes a full version of Apple's Final Cut Pro, Commotion Pro, Knoll Light Factory, the TARGA CinZ Engine, and the CinZWave RT software.

Contact: Pinnacle Systems (opens in new tab)


Pixelmetrix has begun delivery of its new DVStation, a self-contained, end-to-end, preventative monitoring solution designed to continuously analyze the performance of digital broadcast networks. If a preset threshold in the broadcast signal moves out of range, DVStation can send a warning before system failure brings the network down. If a service parameter in a program÷such as language or subtitles÷becomes misconfigured, DVStation's On-Air Service Content Validation alerts operators. It also generates a log that explains which system threshold deviated from the norm.

Contact: Pixelmetrix

QuBit ST 2.1

QuVIS recently launched its QuBit ST 2.1 model to compliment its line of digital servers. Version 2.1 features such upgrades as enhanced controllability and additional integration features to support a wide variety of standard post production equipment. The new version also has increased system bandwidth and significant enhancements to user interfaces. Other features include an improved file system architecture, RS422 record and play deck control protocol, metadata support for ancillary film data, and separate audio, video, and metadata asset management.

Contact: QuVIS

Rohde & Schwarz
SV700 Series

Rohde & Schwarz is bringing out its new family of digital low-power UHF transmitters, which use the components of the company's high and medium power families of transmitters. The input signals are processed by the Exciter SV700, also developed by Rohde & Schwarz. Operators can choose between a classic standby system, such as a passive exciter or transmitter standby; active output standby, or n+1 standby configuration. The transmitters also come with two automatic switchover units, and are available with output powers of 50 W, 100 W, and 200 W.

Contact: Rohde & Schwarz

SK 5012 Transmitter

Sennheiser launched its new SK 5012 professional bodypack transmitter at AES in November. The SK 5012 delivers 30 mW of robust wireless audio while housed in a 61 x 53 x 17 mm shell. Two AAA batteries power the 5012, which has 30 mW of output transmission strength with a specialized antenna design, delivering seven hours of continuous operation. The unit is constructed of metal for durability and robust operation even in harsh environments. Signal strength is independent of battery status.

Contact: Sennheiser

PT-CP-S2 Pan/Tilt Mechanism

Telemetrics recently introduced its latest pan/tilt mechanism, the PT-CP-S2. The PT-CP-S2 is a digital servo controlled compact pan/tilt mechanism that is controlled via RS-232 or RS-422 protocol with direct lens and camera interface connectors for camera and lens control functions. Serial control interfaces are available for most Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, and JVC cameras. The mechanism also features a separate camera power connector, which provides optional power through the PT-CP-S2 using the control system power supply. It is available with either top- or side-mounting platforms.

Contact: Telemetrics

Network Data Unit (NDU)

Vela recently released its new Linux-based Network Data Unit (NDU), a networkable controller for EAS (Emergency Alert System) and SIS (Subscriber Information System) applications. The NDU is the latest in a series of updates to Vela's FrontLine EAS product line, and enables browser-based control and administration of system operations via the Internet or an intranet. The NDU is 2 RU in size and can control up to 64 ACM modules and 254 channels. Additional options include remote telephone access and automatic alphanumeric paging through Vela's FrontPager.

Contact: Vela

Osprey SimulStream

ViewCast Corporation has made available its new Osprey SimulStream software to users of the Osprey-500 line of products. The software gives users the ability to output multiple video and audio streams settings using multiple encoding applications with independent capture settings from a single Osprey capture card. Introduced as an exclusive product for the ViewCast Osprey Video Osprey-210 and Osprey-220 capture cards, it is also provided as part of ViewCast Systems' package offerings in Niagara Streaming Systems that utilize the Osprey-210 and Osprey-220 for their capture engines.

Contact: ViewCast
Osprey SimulStream