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Pro-Bel Morpheus goes 32 channel

Pro-Bel has enhanced its Morpheus automation system with a range of features including an advanced scheduling tool and alternative break scheduling. Developed for multichannel environments, the advanced scheduling tool brings a new level of flexibility to search-and-replace automation operations. It allows new content to be rapidly and accurately introduced across multiple channels, allowing an operator to search for material within specified search constraints and use an onscreen report, showing every scheduled instance, to alter any metadata field on either the entire report or on individually selected events.

Alternative break scheduling allows multiple options to be scheduled for each commercial break slot. This enables very rapid reactions in a live scenario — for example, during sports events — where break duration and content may need to change instantly based upon what happens on the field of play.

More operational flexibility and cost savings also are now available to Morpheus users with the development of a new 64-bit version. This delivers much greater power and flexibility of configuration because a single Morpheus event store can now support up to 32 channels rather than eight.

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