Primestream Integrates Xchange Platform With Wasabi Storage

Primestream Wasabi
(Image credit: Wasabi)

BOSTON—Primestream and storage company Wasabi have announced a partnership that will integrate Primestream’s Xchange media asset management platform with Wasabi storage for global asset management, archiving, content contribution, production and distribution.

The hybrid platform will combine Xchange’s ability to organize media libraries across various storage environments with Wasabi’s cloud storage. This is meant to allow media professionals to manage more content quickly, leverage AI, increase collaboration and provide a holistic view over an entire media library.

The new combination provides scalable cloud storage at a low-cost, according to Claudio LIsman, president and CEO of Primestream.

“Primestream’s Xchange media asset management platform enables production from anywhere and combined with Wasabi hot cloud storage provides an affordable hybrid solution for artists to work quickly and efficiently,” added David Friend, CEO of Wasabi.

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