Primestream DAM Manages NWS Content

MIAMI BEACH, FLA.—At the New World Symphony, we had a problem. We had years of content, thousands of recordings and images of the academy, faculty and guest artists in action, but there was no way for us to access it for either educational or marketing purposes.

Co-created by conductor Michael Tilson Thomas in 1988, NWS was founded as a post-graduate academy for promising young musicians, to prepare them for careers in classical music. It’s a prestigious program, where our alumni go on to work for professional orchestras, ensembles and institutions throughout the world.

New World Symphony Wallcast concert, aided by Primestream’s DAMNO UNIFORMITY
From the beginning, our Fellows have worked with leaders in the classical world, and these interactions are invaluable. We’ve taken countless pictures and recorded a lot of audio and video, but we had no way to put these assets to use because they were difficult to catalog and locate as needed.

Our marketing team was also frustrated because they needed to produce multimedia presentations for fundraisers or share with patrons and media outlets.

To do this, we needed to be able to access content, including still images, PDFs, and audio and video recordings. But each department used different software and hardware, and had different cataloging conventions, making the process very inefficient. If someone in marketing wanted to review video footage from a rehearsal, the video department would have to locate and play the clip in its entirety for the marketing team, which interrupted their own workflow and tasks.

In 2012 we decided it was time for a unified solution that handled all our formats in one location and made everything readily accessible to all our staff. We did not know it at the time, but we were talking about a centralized digital asset management platform.

We chose Primestream’s FORK and Xchange suite platforms. With FORK, we can ingest and playback live HD feeds, and the video editors utilize FORK integration with Adobe Premiere Pro to search and edit content. Xchange is the access point for PR/marketing/sales to view content, using the Xchange Web client, thus eliminating the need to contact the production team to make content available. This has greatly streamlined things, as well as provide a very user-friendly review and approval workflow. For distribution, we can now publish content to Vimeo using Xchange’s native API integration with the social media platform.

Now all original content lives in the digital asset management system, giving us a better way to collaborate with others and allowing us to see everything we have available.

Working with Primestream, I found that they didn’t come into this looking for a customer to which they could sell a product and walk away. I liked that there was an interest in actually having a partnership and providing a solution. And they had all the DAM functionality we needed.

Luis Quintero has been the director of information technology for New World Symphony since 2013, where he manages the technology department’s operations. Although primarily focused on corporate data, he also works with all departments throughout the organization to help guide decisions where technology is concerned. He can be contacted

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