PrimeImage Goes Big With TriCaster Mini

GILBERT, ARIZ.—Organizations large and small are realizing the benefit of video as one of the most effective ways of communicating to large and remote groups. More and more companies are adding video services in house but those without the expertise often turn to the specialists, like PrimeImage Media.

PrimeImage Media mainly works on corporate events for our clients, covering conferences, symposiums and training. Though most of our end products become video on demand for clients, about 30 percent of our videos are live streamed. I’ve seen that number steadily increase year after year as people become more aware of the technical possibilities. At PrimeImage Media, we strive to anticipate clients’ needs while also making our production team’s job easier by strategically choosing our equipment. New-Tek has been with us since the beginning.

PrimeImage often uses the TriCaster Mini for corporate events.GOOD THINGS IN SMALL PACKAGES
For about five years, we’ve been using TriCaster in its various versions with the TriCaster Mini our current favorite. Our primary motivation for trading in our Tri-Caster 410 for a Mini was its size. Instead of lugging around a lot of equipment to remote locations in vans or on airplanes, we can now fit everything into one Pelican case. Because we travel light, we can tackle anything our clients throw at us.

The Mini and the bigger TriCaster have minor differences—essentially they’re the same machine. So for us, the TriCaster Mini hasn’t resulted in more jobs, but they’re making the jobs we do have easier. An additional bonus was that when we sold the 410, we were able to buy the Mini and have money left over. It’s a better price point, but it’s essentially the same feature set, with the same software as before. No one needs to get extra training to use it if they’ve used the other systems.

Even though we were an all-TriCaster shop, we were begging NewTek for years to offer a more portable version. We started needing multiple switchers when we began doing multiple jobs in a day so we started looking at other vendors that had more portable solutions. I’m really happy the Mini came out when it did—otherwise we would probably have ended up with a product that didn’t completely fill our needs.

NewTek met a growing need at the perfect time for us—I think it’s the right price and the right size for companies that need to do portable production.

Ben Freedman is a partner and chief of production at PrimeImage Media, a full service video production house. He can be contacted

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