Plura Monitors Power New DMH TV Facility

Plura’s PBM-317S and PBM-209-3G video monitors

NORCROSS, GA.—TI Broadcast Solutions Group is a design/build systems integration company and our teams help many of the world’s most influential companies develop new workflows and outsourcing solutions. We specialize in new facility programming and planning, with clients returning to us time and again when they need new or enhanced facilities.

One of our current projects is in Anchorage, Alaska for Denali Media Holdings (DMH). We’ve been involved in this project for some time now, but it’s finally in the “winding down” stage and we now expect to hand over the facility to DMH in early December.

DMH asked us to design a “lightweight” and flexible media center that could function as a cohesive, non-traditional system. They also wanted us to incorporate maximum flexibility in the design, while at the same time accommodate any maintenance operations that might be required. Specific facility requirements included a high-speed storage and archiving system, a large house signal routing system and a comprehensive high-definition video monitoring system that would allow users to conveniently monitor any source within the media center.

As this is a large plant, the distance from room to room is quite considerable and a number of high-quality broadcast type monitors were needed in many areas of the facility. These range from video monitors located at the various engineering stations in the plant all the way to a jib arm monitor that’s used with the operation’s news studio.

Anyone working in the industry knows that there are a large number of companies that manufacture broadcast type video monitors and some of these are quite good.

However, after much careful evaluation we placed the monitoring products from Plura Broadcast at the top of our list for a number of reasons. These included the ability to handle the decoding and presentation of both 608 and 708 closed caption information, built-in audio monitoring capabilities, an extensive set of built-in video measurement tools, as well as the very fast screen response time that has become a necessity for proper viewing of today’s high action video. content

We also sought picture monitors that could provide really great video quality and which also allowed up to 178-degree off-axis viewing.

And as the DMH media center is a 24/7 operation, we also looked for monitors with a high reliability factor. Along the same lines, if we should have problems , we wanted a company that had a track record of providing a high level of support when it’s needed.

Our search for video monitor products possessing all of these features and attributes lead us to Plura Broadcast, and we found that their monitor products met all of these requirements and then some.

We were particularly pleased with the level of product support from the Plura’s president, Ray Kalo, who doesn’t hesitate to return our calls day or night, and if for some reason he’s not available, he always arranges to have someone respond as soon as possible. Nowadays this kind of support is hard to find.

We’ve installed a large number of Plura monitors in the DMH facility, including quite a few PBM-317S 17-inch display units in strategic locations and also a number of Plura’s PBM-209-3G 9-inch monitors, with one of these used with the newsroom jib arm. All of these monitors have met our expectations and those of our client, DMH.

Kevin Garguilo is the vice president of sales at TI Broadcast Solutions Group, which designed and built the Denali Media Holdings facility in Anchorage Alaska. He may be contacted

For additional information, contact Plura Broadcast at 602-944-1044 or