Pliant Technologies Announces CrewCom Intercom Firmware Update

(Image credit: Pliant Technologies)

AUBURN, Ala.—Pliant Technologies has released the latest firmware update for its CrewCom wireless intercom systems and devices, v1.8. Among the new features resulting from the update, according to Pliant, are refined communications for network devices and an enhanced user experience.

The 1.8 firmware update includes the new CrewWare management feature and a new two-level user rights feature. There is also improved battery monitoring for CrewCom devices and the updated firmware does not require users to power cycle remote devices when power cycling the system’s control unit. In addition, mixed band options on 900 MHz transceivers are now available and GPO relays can be used.

Pliant’s Gary Rosen, vice president of global sales, also says that the updated CrewCom is now fully compatible with the Pliant 6+6 Drop-In Charger.

CrewCom users can now download the v1.8 firmware (opens in new tab) for free.